by Matt Harron

Job interviews can be seen as the most critical and daunting period following your graduation. The Career Development Center, located in the Stratton Administration building, capitalizes on providing student resources such as interview preparation, quick-question and walk in hours, individual career counseling, workshops and events, career assessment and resume and cover letter services.

The CDC offers online mock interviews, allowing students to obtain additional practice. Jenelle Henry, assistant director at the CDC, stresses the importance of mock interviews. “Practicing is the most important aspect to an interview. You want to get all the nerves out of the way,” said Henry.

At the start of each semester, employers from the surrounding areas come to the CDC to provide students with mock interviews, yet another way to practice your interviewing skills.

Preparation is essential to ensure your interview runs smoothly. Arrive to your interview prepared with the essential documents such as a notebook or portfolio, resumes and cover letters and questions about the company.

According to Career One Stop, a department of labor sponsor, knowing prior information about the company will demonstrate your interest in the company. Being able to comment on the company’s status and goals will further prove your interest in the company.

Arriving early will allow yourself time to look great and leave a lasting impression. Robin Reshwan, contributing writer for U.S. News & World Report, magnifies the importance of having a good look. She said, “Having a great image does not require expensive outfits. It means selecting clothing, accessories, makeup and a hairstyle that command respect in your targeted industry.”

Jon Youshaei, Forbes Magazine contributor, stresses the importance of applications like Google Alerts. He said, “Google Alerts is a savior; it’s a tool that emails you anytime a new story appears for a specific term.” This will allow up-to-date alerts from your ideal company.

Confidence is aligned with interview preparation. Display a sense of confidence, but allow the interviewer to set the scene. According to Career One Stop, a firm handshake and immediate eye contact will send a good message and body language. Continue to maintain eye contact and carefully listen to the questions asked.

“Develop answers in your head before you respond. If you don’t understand a question, ask for it to be repeated or clarified,” according to Career One Stop.

Most importantly, finish the interview on a good note and address any final questions. Following these tips and resources will only benefit your job interviewing skills and knowledge.

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