Job outlook for college grads has mixed reviews in 2016

Competitive job market a common theme

By Joseph Smith

National news outlets have shown various job market predictions for the class of 2016.

Some news outlets, such as CNBC, have reported that the job market is looking up for the graduates of 2016. According to Jessica Dickler, employers will be hiring five percent more college graduates than they did the year before.

chart.PNGThe Washington Post does not promise the same fruitful job market as CNBC. According to Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, 75 percent of employers on CareerBuilder reported hiring college graduates this year.

The reports show that these job openings are going to be extremely competitive. The market is selective when it comes to the majors they want their new hires to have studied. Internships are also a major key to finding a good paying job. Employers want prospective employees to have experience in their field.

Other news outlets, including ABC and U.S. News, report a grim job market for college grads in 2016.

According to Andrew Soergel from U.S. News, the job market has slowed down in the last couple of months. This trend looks to continue as 37 percent of domestic employer report on hiring reductions. Signs show that hiring is still on a rise from the great recession, but will not reach the heights they were at just a few months ago.

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