Flexible campus jobs

By Adeena Woodard

Do you work irregular shifts? If you are looking to expand your job horizons, then you’re reading just the right article.

Most university positions allow you to customize your work schedule. If you only want to work two hours a day in between biology and British literature, you can do that. Scheduling flexibility and fluidity means you won’t get off work at midnight, agitated and exhausted.

So, now you know you can make your life more tolerable by applying for an on-campus job; but what campus jobs are the most rewarding?

Working for Admissions as a tour guide is by far the best job there is on KU’s campus. As a tour guide, you entertain and educate small groups of curious students and their families, meet new people every day and inspire them in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

As the face of KU, you represent your university in the kindest light.

Instead of slaving over a greasy fryer, you get to speak with excited high school students whom are navigating their way through the college application process.

Instead of trying to appease hungry customers, you’re offering words of advice for nervous parents who are sending their kids off for the first time.

Instead of rubbing dried food marks off of plates, you’re able to leave your mark on thousands of prospective students by sharing with them your personal stories, experiences and achievements.

The personal reward even exceeds the pay. You’ll break out of your shell and learn how to interact with complete strangers and learn how to market the university by using your own unique and personal stories, linking them with statistics.

Interestingly, you’ll learn something new about KU every single day, like that the largest fish tank allowable in dorm rooms can be 12 gallons in volume.

Break out of that musty kitchen and say goodbye to those merciless, hungry customers, and say hello to the most rewarding job you’ll find on KU’s campus.

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