By Edward Probasco


Settling down in the company of friends, I started the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” Diving in with no background on the show, it took just a few minutes for my eyes to become permanently fixated on the screen.

The setting takes place in the 1980’s in a small suburban town in Indiana where the audience is introduced to a US government energy lab. As a scientist sprints away from flickering lights in the distance, the cinematography screams for the audience to notice them.

As the camera shifts to four kids playing dungeon and dragons, we have a glimpse of what the 1980s clothing and house designs were really like. When the game ends abruptly, the audience gets to see what real foreshadowing looks like while music portrays the techno-synthesized atmosphere of the time.

The audience will continually be shocked as they witness one of the boys run home from an otherworldly being that seems to stop at nothing to make its presence known.

Just as you become engulfed in heart racing suspense, the title screen fades to the screen in a nostalgic feeling from another time, just to let the chapter screen protrude toward the audience like an old horror flick.

From the peaceful and serene shots of the lake on early morning, to the dry humor between a cop and a distressed mother, the cinematography continues to show the audience that a Netflix original show on 1980s mystery can be done well.

With this gripping tale of how one of the four boys named “Will” vanished in thin air, it is almost guaranteed to be a cult classic or fan favorite.

From the stereotypical bullies and secret meet ups to the retainer lisps, the 1980s get a serious reboot for the masses that should not be missed.

If you want a show to hold your hand and explain everything, this is not for you.

With multiple unknown plot lines that range from a missing boy, a test subject girl and even aliens, think of adding this show to your next queued TV show listing. Spend a quiet night away from the latest party on Noble St., or possibly stay home from the casual study session in the library, to give this show a chance.

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