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PA Preferred is the way

By Kayla Fusselman

When you are enjoying your fruit salad, do you ever wonder where the fruit came from? With PA preferred products, there is no guessing. Pennsylvania has a rich history of agriculture so it makes sense that we support our farmers who support us with their products.

Just like ‘Made in America’ stickers bring a kind of reassurance that the product is high quality, the same assurance can be associated with products from Pennsylvania. Items made and raised in Pennsylvania should be bought first and foremost.

PA Preferred is a public-private partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and companies of the state of Pennsylvania. Working with local producers, the program is set to support and promote locally grown foods.

Products marked with the blue and yellow keystone and checkmark are deemed PA Preferred. PA Preferred products should be the first choice for shoppers and they should be on everyone’s radar when browsing the grocery store or the local farmer’s market. As the purchaser, you will know where the product was grown, raised and produced. There will be no doubt or uneasiness as to where that juicy apple came from or the wholesome glass of milk; it came from local farms of the great state of Pennsylvania.

Finding PA Preferred items is no scavenger hunt, as large and small chains of grocery stores support and feature these high quality products. Giant, Weis and Wal-Mart are home to Pennsylvania fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and honey.

Students of the KU campus and anyone who lives, visits or drives through the state of Pennsylvania should be aware of the great products the state has to offer.

The next time you grill up some mushrooms, make a fruit salad or pour a glass of cold milk, consider where that product was grown and whom you are supporting.

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