By Amanda Sergeyev

The National Broadcasting Society convention brought communication and electronic media majors together to gain insight about the industry from successful people. After meeting people from across the country, I realized that success is a combination of ambition and perseverance. Though I met numerous successful people from across the country, I realized that KU alumni inspire me the most.

I sat down to listen to Zoey Groleman, a graduate from the electronic media program. Zoey encourages future electronic media graduates to pursue their passion and go after their dreams. She emphasized the idea that even a girl from a small town like Kutztown can reach her goals.

Zoey Groleman is now working in Los Angeles as a production assistant at Vibe Creative, pursuing her passion for editing movie trailers.

Beyond the annual convention, I am always reminded of the success that lies ahead for KU graduates.

Spring 2015 electronic media graduate Andrew Rothermel is an employee for the Spring-Ford School District as a media communications assistant.

“Me and my supervisor are in charge of the studio. We make sure lighting is correct, audio and the TriCaster is all in order for when we shoot shows, or for when students need it for class projects,” said Rothermel.

Rothermel’s advice for all students would be to take advantage of the resources available. He said, “The amount of resources you have, both socially and educationally, are right at your fingers. Use them; don’t let them slip away. Every opportunity you take will better yourself and your career, whether it be a positive or negative outcome.”

KU electronic media graduate Tim Richardot is currently a production assistant at an ad agency in Manhattan, New York. Richardot’s advice that can apply to anyone seeking a job was to keep learning.

“Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday about the things you are interested in. I always try to read, watch or do something EM related every day,” said Richardot.

These success stories are only a small example of the potential that a KU degree can offer.


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