By Andrew Kutzer

The KU student, 23, who was the victim of the stabbing that occurred on Feb. 20 is expected to return to classes after spring break, according to an email by Dean of Students

Surveillance Photo of Suspects

Bob Watrous on March 3.

“I am happy to report that the condition of the KU student who was seriously injured during the assault in the borough on Feb. 20 has improved,” said Watrous, in the email.

On March 3, it was reported the student progressed from the ICU to post surgery in patient care and was sent home to recuperate, according to the email.

On Feb. 20, the student was taken to the Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest Hospital emergency room after an altercation that left him with stab wounds in his neck and side of the ribs

Paramedics transported the student to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest Hospital emergency room, according to court records.

The altercation occurred near 77 Stimmel Alley around 12:45 a.m. After the student warned a man urinating in public about police citations.

Robert Centifanti, 18, of Philadelphia is charged with attempted murder in the first and third degrees, two counts of aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment in the stabbing. Centifanti posted bail in the amount of $50,000, according to court records.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 19 at the magistrate’s office in Fleetwood.

On Feb. 22, President Hawkinson sent an email saying the stabbing had “weighed heavily on all of our minds.”

Hawkinson, responding to increased media attention, called the stabbing an “isolated incident”.

“We consider Kutztown University and the borough to be safe environments,” said Hawkinson, in the email. “We must continuously encourage each other to remain vigilant in all places at all times and to take personal safety seriously.”

Hawkinson cited programs that bolster safety at KU: the campus police force, training programs for students, and an on-campus escort program. Emergency call posts and emergency alert systems are also used on campus. Off-campus, KUBok, a neighborhood watch program, patrols Kutztown between Thursday and Saturday, according to Hawkinson.


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