By Carly Gaba

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To start off the semester, the Marlin and Regina Miller Gallery has selected California-based artist Emily Nachison, 31, for a site-specific sculpture installation that began Monday, Jan. 25.

The exhibition entitled “Long Lost” is a project that touches upon the traditions of the Kutztown landscape. This project is part of the Kutztown University Marlin and Regina Miller Art Gallery Artist-in-residence program.

Nachison’s work consists of two components, a riveting project installation and a web annal of stories, information and drawings.

According to Nachison, “Long Lost is a project exploring American mysticism through the folklore and traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch and early European Settlers in the North Eastern United States.”

Famous books published by a Pennsylvania Dutch healer, John George Hohman, were the inspiration towards her exhibit.

Nachison said, “The book, The-Long Lost Friend, draws from traditional folk magic of Pennsylvania Dutch customs and pow-wow healers.”

The mythologized artist received a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Maryland Institution College of Art and a Master’s degree in fine arts from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Nachison began to work on this project in August 2015. The artist will finally begin to convert the gallery space in the Sharadin building into a magical story full of knowledge for the opening reception on Feb. 11.

There will also be a public lecture given at 4 p.m. on the night of the reception. The event is free and open to the public.

“I spent time in Kutztown about ten years ago,” Nachison said. “It has been a wonderful opportunity to come back and make a piece in response.”


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