Adam Devine, Workaholics star, cancels Homecoming performance

By Andrew Kutzer

Adam Devine of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” canceled his Oct. 24 performance at KU due to a film role.

CaptureIn an executive session on Oct. 6, The Association of Campus Events and Student Government Board made a decision to have a major performance in the spring semester.

Devine’s agent canceled, citing a conflict in schedule with a film role and the Oct. 24 performance at KU. “We got the email from his agency that he got a role in a film and is not able to come for homecoming,” said Petritsa Chatzitziva, Office of Student Involvement Assistant Director.

According to an email sent by Gotham Artists, “Unfortunately, it looks like Adam has to reschedule the date. He got a film role and was asked to be on set on Oct. 24. He does not want to disappoint the students and wants to reschedule for any Saturday before Thanksgiving.”

ACE met with SGB to find another performer, selling fewer tickets than they predicted. “We only sold 250 out of 800. With us not being able to sell tickets, we took it as a way out,” said Jorge Berberena, senior marketer for ACE.

ACE was looking into scheduling comedians Kenan Thompson, Demetri Martin, Marlon Wayans or Chris D’elia who had open schedules for Oct. 24, according to Berberena.

According to Matt Assad, KUSSI Business Service Manager, Devine was contracted to appear for around $50,000. Funding was split between SGB and ACE. Without a formal vote, ACE will not be able to use SGB funds for a new homecoming performance.

With the homecoming performance canceled, SGB went into a closed session, moving plans for a major event to April. “We met with members of ACE and OSI and have booked two dates in April. We cannot guarantee what performance there will be but we will have a major performance this year,” said SGB President Joe Scoboria.

“To get it done in three weeks, there wouldn’t be enough time. It might not be pulled off as well as we’d like it to be. I think we’re definitely going to look at including students a lot more as we go about this topic,” said SGB Treasurer Erika Lynn on the decision to move a major performance to April.

With the cancelation and only a few weeks to schedule a new performer, ACE sought approval from SGB to secure the other half of funds planned for a major event.

“They needed SGB’s blessing to move forward. In ACE’s eyes, they don’t want to spend another weeks’ worth of time trying to find the artist, trying to create publicity and next week SGB says ‘never mind we’re not going to do it anymore,’” said Assad.

Tickets for the event were sold to KU students at $10 and non-students at $20.

Refunds will be distributed by the Office of Student Involvement in SUB 153 until Oct. 9 when KUSSI will distribute refunds from KUSSI in SUB 171.

ACE has begun to make posters for a performer to fill the Oct. 24 slot. Sean Bott, comedy mind reader, is scheduled for Devine’s date at 7 p.m. in Schaeffer Auditorium.

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