By: Rose Hogan

Catherine Elwell outside the closing Main Street location
Catherine Elwell outside the closing Main Street location

Global Libations coffee shop of downtown Kutztown is moving from East Main Street to Noble Street as a result of several factors that have influenced their business, including lease agreement issues and the arrival of a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts in April of last year.

Large businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts have a reputation for edging out local shops. Jeff Slostad, the owner of Global
Libations, listed deteriorating building conditions, an unsatisfactory parking situation, rising food costs, and the price of electricity in Kutztown as other factors that motivated his decision.

IMG_1794“Dunkin’ Donuts has definitely affected my business,” Slostad explained. “I still have many loyal customers, but not enough to make my cafe profitable. Lack of parking drives a lot of people to Dunkin’ Donuts. Non-locals are definitely persuaded by their branding and marketing.

I’m looking out for the welfare of my customers, while they are focused on maximizing profits.” “It’s not that we don’t like their coffee, I’m sure it’s better,” said Cara Hayes, who came to Dunkin’ Donuts with her sister Gina. “But it’s a more time consuming hassle. If I need a quick caffeine boost before work, I can just stop here and still make it on time.”

“I love Global Libations, but we’re on a budget, so we usually just get the cheaper faster version when it’s available,” added Gina. “We used to go to Global sometimes, but at some point it seemed like they were never open. The struggle is real, for everyone.”

Global Libations was clearly suffering over the past year. Its hours decreased dramatically, from being open six days a week while hosting weekly music and events to only a few hours on the weekends.

Dunkin’ Donuts said they welcome competition from local business as they branch out further, but they’re proud of their products and want to provide them to more customers.

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