By Kassandra Castillo

According to, “The primary mission of the Border Patrol is to protect our nation by reducing the likelihood that dangerous people and capabilities enter the United States between the ports of entry.”

Granted yes, not everyone who enters the U.S. has the same plans of trying to live a better life; unfortunately some people come to cause chaos and terror. It is completely understandable that there are regulations enforced, but that does not mean good people should be denied to enter because of others’ bad intentions.

There have been numerous cases where people trying to cross the border have been abused mentally and physically. While researching the topic, I came across James Lyall’s article in the Huffington Post, called “Welcome to Hell: the Border Patrol’s Repeated Abuse of Children”.

According to Lyall, in a complaint filed by immigrants’ rights advocates that contained interviews with victims, mainly children, one interviewee stated that a guard told them, “Don’t lie, or you’ll be raped.” Another detainee said that a guard refused to give them food, water and proper medical treatment. Government officials are more than aware of these incidents, but have yet to take on any legal actions toward the patrol guards.

Children attempting to enter the country almost always have a difficult background. Growing up is never easy, but coming to the U.S. is a source of hope for them. The only thing these guards are showing these kids is more abuse.

Common reasons for attempting to enter the country include having family already in the U.S., having a job waiting for them, and just generally wanting a better quality of life. It is incredibly cruel to abuse these people and children who are already fleeing from poverty and suffering.

There are hundreds of reports of abuse against children and everyone seems to be so worried about not letting them into the country instead of what is going on in the process.


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