By Viviana Vidal

The Association of Campus Events hosted their annual KU’s Got Talent showcase in the MSU 218 on Wednesday, March 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. Participants had the opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from $50-$100 and the chance to advance to the second round of the competition to Berk’s Got Talent.

One of the three judges, Assistant Director of Student Involvement Patritsa Chazizta, discussed the criteria for first place.

She said, “We scored each act based on their creativity, crowd appeal, stage presence and originality. KU’s Got Talent is an outstanding event that gives a space and opportunity to students to express their creativity and talents.”

Kirk Griffith, senior communication studies major and local comedian, dominated the competition with his witty anecdotes. He walked away with first place, $100 richer, and advances to Berk’s Got Talent.

Phalon Winchester performs an acoustic piece.  Photo courtesy of ACE
Phalon Winchester performs an acoustic piece.
Photo courtesy of ACE

When asked about his accomplishment, he said, “It felt pretty good, especially since I had a horrible set in Schaeffer just a few days prior. I would have been content with just having a chance to perform in front of a large crowd, so to win was a definite bonus.”

Students crowded the auditorium to support the diverse performers that took the stage.

Music performance major Daniel Noel explained his decision to attend the showcase. “What brought me out to the talent show was the surprise I would get seeing people do something I never thought they could do. There were plenty of people having fun and the crowd was very supportive. It was a good time.”

For more information on upcoming campus events, navigate to the ACE Kutztown Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @ACEkutztown for the latest.


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