By Haley Bianco   

Hey KU! Welcome back for another great year. My name is Haley Bianco and I am a senior electronic media major with a focus in journalism/PR and a minor in professional writing. This is my third semester as the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Keystone. I got involved with The Keystone right away as a contributing writer when I was a freshman. Being a member of The Keystone team has been a tremendous learning experience for me and I encourage new and returning KU students to come down to MSU 194 on Mondays at six to check us out!

   I started off writing for the News section of the paper, but my love of celebrities made the transition to Arts & Entertainment an easy choice. If you are interested in writing for the A&E section, we cover local and national topics such as movies, television, music, art shows, theater and events.

   Being apart of The Keystone is a great opportunity to gain real world experience while still in college. Contributing writers get to have their work published, which is a way to show future employers that you are a professional. The Keystone also offers editor positions, which are paid. This is my last semester of classes at KU, meaning the A&E editor position will be available for the upcoming spring semester. Now is the best time to get involved and learn the ropes if this is something you are interested in.

   As a senior, my advice to you is to get involved around campus. I grew from a student into a professional through my work with The Keystone, KUR (Radio), KU-TV and the National Broadcasting Society. Even if you are a science major, math major or any major that doesn’t directly focus on writing, The Keystone gives you an opportunity to become well rounded.

   My experiences at The Keystone have proved to be a powerful asset when applying for internships. I have interned four times at Blue Ridge Communications, TV-13, in Lehighton, Pa. I have also interned at KMIR 6 NBC News in Palm Springs, Calif. and EntScoop in Los Angeles. All of these internships required writing skills and communication skills, all of which I strengthened through my work with The Keystone.

   If you have any questions regarding the Arts & Entertainment section, please email me: I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all success in the new school year.


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