By Brenna Everdale

On Thursday, Feb. 8, the KU Office of University Relations sent out an email apologizing for the hazardous campus conditions. Despite the hard work of the snow and ice control teams, several areas of the campus could not be cleared in time for class. The result was a very dangerous and slow walk to and from class on Thursday and Friday.

In the mass email, the Office of University Relations admitted the main pathways had been insufficiently cleared and instructed students to use the ADA accessible walkways, effectively redirecting the majority of foot traffic to these routes. This is by no means a perfect solution, as it creates congestion along these pathways, making it harder for students to get to class. These paths are also longer, adding to the time it takes to get to class. Thus, many students will naturally be tempted to take the more dangerous routes in order to get to class on time.

Snow on Main street Kimberly Marandola, Photography Editor
Snow on Main street
Kimberly Marandola, Photography Editor

According to Kutztown’s policy on Weather Related Schedules, “The decision to cancel, close, delay openings, or close early is made by the president of the university in consultation with the provost and a designated vice president.” Perhaps in the future this winter, President Cevallos will cancel or delay classes if the ice cannot be effectively cleared in time.

We must all remember that rough winters are simply a reality of living in Pennsylvania, and even if the president failed to make the right call, nobody can be blamed for bad weather.

So remember to take responsibility for your own safety this winter by sticking to the ADA accessible walkways and reporting problem areas on campus to the Facilities Work Control Center at 610-683-1594 or If you keep a car on campus, remember to keep a shovel in the trunk in case you get stuck in the parking lots. You can even borrow one from both MSU and the Housing and Residence Life Office.

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