By Pat Zazzarino

Kutztown lost its game against California University at Adamson Stadium on Saturday afternoon with a final score of 45-10. This marks KU football’s second loss of the season.

Starting quarterback Alec Werner threw a total of 45 passes with 30 completions for 295 total yards. In his two games, Werner has thrown 102 passes for a 68.6 completion percentage.

Freshmen receiver Alex Tonnies had nine catches for 49 yards coming after his record breaking game against Clarion. Other receivers Kodi Reed and Brett Fox had the most receiving yardage for Kutztown.


On the defense, English Peay accomplished ten tackles with two breakups. Sam Dixon Dougan had eight tackles as a linebacker and Cody Kelso managed to get seven tackles.

According to an article written by the Sports Information Director Bryan Salvadore, the Vulcans controlled the tone of the game from as early as the first play. California quarterback Cody Shroeder completed a 34-yard pass to drive into Kutztown territory then finished the drive with a touchdown, his first of four. This managed to give California a convincing lead. California was able to tack up 24 points before the half, while Kutztown was unable to answer with any.

Kutztown, starting on its own ten yard line, had a pass batted, intercepted and then ran into the end zone by the Vulcans to further extend their lead. Kutztown answered with a drive that worked its way into the red zone for the first time all game, midway into the third quarter. Nathan Fehr managed to score a 36-yard field goal, marking the first of his career, to place KU on the board trailing 31-3.

Senior Justin Michalak managed to score the only touchdown for Kutztown. Half way through the fourth quarter, Michalak managed to crash through the Vulcan line and found his way into the end zone, bringing KU with a score of 45-10 with just over eight minutes of regulation to play.

Shroeder was 20-for-28 and lead the Vulcans down the field for 267 yards and four touchdowns. Mike Williams had eight catches for 132 yards, and a 41 yard touchdown.

Kutztown believes they can put their past two games behind them and instead focus on the home opener at University Field on Sept. 21 against Bloomsburg.


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