She Said: Dating

Dating, especially today, is a scary world. There are online profiles, those random people you meet in bars, that cute Biology male/female major in class with you. It can be confusing, and to all you single ladies (if someone hasn’t put a ring on it), it can be frustrating. Cute Bio major male won’t strike up a conversation? No one will buy you a drink? Don’t see your name on Kutztown Crushes no matter how many times you refresh the Facebook page? Fear not! A wise woman once told me that there are plenty of fish in the Kutztown Sea. But, just how do you find them?
Well, ladies, you need to be yourself. That is the first step. Don’t dress in a way you don’t normally dress. First off, if the person really wants to get to know you, and you want them to, they shouldn’t concentrate on how you dress (although looking acceptable and not like you just rolled out of bed is a good thing). If you wear makeup, don’t change if you happen to hear that so-and-so doesn’t like makeup. If anything, you want to accent that sparkling personality of yours. Concentrate on your own best features—not looks, but if you happen to have the highest score in Mario Kart or can name each and every member of One Directions’ birthday, then you do that. Stick to what you know—yourself and what you like.
This is also helpful when striking up that first conversation. You know the one I’m talking about. Shaking palms, sweaty-browed and stuttering—the first conversation. They say that it’s like ripping off a Band-aid; you just need to do it quick when you have the courage. Ladies, it is the 21st century. Don’t wait for the other person to talk to you—make the first move. Not everyone can be lucky to have their (secretly) beloved talk to them first (and if they do, your job is already done). When you start that conversation, no matter how hard it may be, you just need to concentrate, put on your game face and go for the homerun. Don’t imagine them in their underwear like they tell you to do when you’re in front of people if you’re nervous (that might make you more nervous—hello boxers and briefs!). You just need to pull off that Band-aid and stick to your guns.
Dating is hard. Trust me, I should know. But Team Single doesn’t mean Seam Forever Alone. There are plenty of Golden Bear fish in the Kutztown Sea. You just have to know how to start fishing. I, personally, have great (or so I think) opening lines. Comment on their clothing, or if you’re out, their dance moves. Maybe you can ask them what they’re drinking, or if they’re making the drink, what’s in it. You need to be prepared and know yourself more than anything. Know what you’re comfortable talking about—perhaps like me, it’s sports. Maybe it was that newest episode of some tv show or maybe the latest news. But whatever it is, speak with confidence. Fake it ‘til you make it, ladies.
I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary. Dating is a dangerous game, and one never knows who’s hunting who. But whatever and however you choose to go about it, remember you are you, and no one else is. The person you like will like you for who you are and not anything else. And if they don’t, cast your line again. You’re bound to hook someone eventually.

By Kayla Reichle

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