Senior LAX player motivated to make final season special

Senior psychology major Gina Carmina has spent the last three years as a part of the KU girl’s lacrosse team. After being introduced to the sport when her best friend forced her to attend a voluntary practice in sixth grade, Carmina fell in love with lacrosse. She had played soccer almost all her life, and even dabbled with cross-country, but there was something about lacrosse that drew her.
When she was a senior at Mt. Olive High School in Flanders, N.J. visiting colleges, she was drawn to Kutztown’s campus, the people and the atmosphere of the town. Her older brother also attended KU, so it was a place of comfort for her. After confirming that she would also be able to play lacrosse at the university, her mind was made up.
“The past three years have been pretty tough ones at Kutztown,” Carmina said, “We have been struggling with our record and maintaining a consistent coaching staff.”
During the 2012 lacrosse season, the girls’ team had a 3-14 record, which was very disappointing. But Carmina explained that no matter what happened in the previous season, it is the upcoming season that is important.
“We put a lot of hours into practice, games and travel time, but it is definitely worth it in the end,” said Carmina.
Carmina is also hopeful for the upcoming season now that new head coach Kate Scattergood is part of the team.
“I think Coach Scattergood brings a variety of new things to this team, and she is helping us improve day by day,” said Carmina. Carmina described the Shippensburg University graduate as a good communicator and a fantastic coach.
During the 2012 season, Carmina started in 13 of the 17 games as an attacker, with 13 goals and five assists. She broke her personal record of goals in a season.
When asked what she is looking to get out of the 2013 season, Carmina said, “My personal goal is just to improve overall. Specifically, I’m always looking to have more goals and assists.”
To build for next season, the team practices every week on the lacrosse field. They do weight training as well as speed and agility programs in order to improve every aspect of their game.
After winter break, the team’s spring practices will begin, which will become more focused and intense than those of the fall. Over spring break, the team will play in their first game of the season.
“Our schedule is going to be relatively close to our previous ones, playing teams in PSAC and a few others. It will be yet another tough schedule, but I believe we will do better than before,” Carmina said. The team is not currently ranked in the PSAC.
As a senior, this will be Carmina’s last run on the KU lacrosse field.
“After I graduate, I hope I am able to keep playing in women’s leagues where ever I may end up. I also hope, if I’m lucky enough, to coach a team one day,” said Carmina.
Carmina is hopeful for the 2013 season and knows that with her determination and the determination of her teammates, her final season on the field could be her best. Carmina feels extremely grateful to work with such an “awesome” team.
“I am so proud to be a part of this team. Everyone is so supportive of each other,” Carmina said, “This team continues to grow each day. I am ridiculously lucky to call these girls my teammates.”

By Danielle Taus

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