For those of you like the members of my fantasy football league, you’re probably thinking to ‘yourself why did I even start playing fantasy football in the first place?’ Well, don’t start the engine in your garage yet. You still have a chance; it’s only week five. As a fantasy football participant for seven years now, I have had my ups and downs. For now, I’m winning and I will brag as much as possible, but I do not want to be the only one showing off. So please, all of you losers out there, take my advice and you’ll be just fine.
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bill’s QB
Slowly, but surely, starting QB for the Buffalo Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick has flown under the radar. Of the people registered on for fantasy football, only 46.5% of team owners have Fitzpatrick on their team. Wins and losses shouldn’t concern fantasy owners because the Bill’s are not a winning franchise. However, Fitzpatrick has thrown multiple touchdowns every game this season. His four-touchdown game, even with four interceptions, was one of the best performances by a QB this week. Grab him quickly, Bills have injuries at the RB position.
Brandon Bolden, Patriot’s RB
Proceed with caution on this guy. His game last week can be very deceiving, considering it was his only good game thus far. However, Stevan Ridley had more carries and less yards last week than Bolden. Bolden could be a great pick-up if Ridley starts to struggle. Hold him on your bench, but get rid of that extra kicker or defense you have for him. There is definitely a possible upside for this guy.
Andre Roberts, Cardinal’s WR
Only reason to pick up Roberts is Kevin Kolb. The man is on point and ready to sling the ball every which way. Roberts is the ninth best WR this season according to Roberts has four touchdowns already this season and, with Fitzgerald surely picking up the double team, Roberts is bound be open.
Avoid or Drop:
Brian Hartline, Dolphin’s WR
Don’t believe the hype, this guy scores 40 points in a week and now everyone is jumping on board. He may be the second best wideout this season, but he’s on the Dolphins. Tannehill is not as good as people expect and will never be able to get him the ball as he should. This guy is hit or miss, which should not be comforting for a fantasy owner.
Chris Johnson, Titan’s RB
Do not drop him. I repeat, do not drop him. However, do not start him. I repeat, do not start him. I must emphasize this, because people are willing to jump on even the slightest hope for Johnson to succeed. Simply put, Johnson can’t handle the pressure and, with starting QB Locker, out again the weight is on him. Last week was a fluke. Until he is more consistent, keep him on your bench. For Lombardi’s sake, he hasn’t even scored a touchdown in four games.
Tony Romo, Cowboy’s QB
See the game against the Bears, enough said. Throw five picks and find yourself on the waiver wire, makes sense to me.
Michael Vick, Eagle’s QB
It pains me to throw the QB of my favorite team under the bus, but sometimes it needs to happen. Not that his play was bad last week, but it’s not fantasy QB worthy. If they follow this game plan of him not running and avoiding turnovers, the Eagles will win, but your fantasy team will not. Sit Vick, don’t drop him. He’s just not worth the aggravation.

By Frank Lippincott

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