In an age where people get more information from their iPhones than their own computers, KU has created an app to match the use of portable devices.
The app, named iKutztown in the Itunes app store, is essentially the KU website that does not need to be connected to the Internet to reach the basic information.
That being said, it does need to be connected to a wireless signal or able to get three or four G to get access to KU news, twitter and up-coming events that KU posts on its website.
One of the tabs to the app that requires a internet connection of some kind is the sports section. A section that perhaps should have at least some information preloaded on it, which would give prospective students the chance to see what kind of athletics KU has to offer.
One feature of the app would allow prospective students to give themselves a tour around campus. The app has an interactive map with numbers that represent buildings on campus. When you press the number on the map an icon appears that tells you the name of the building. After pressing the “see more” tab in the icon, users are taken to another page, which describes where the building is and what its purpose on campus is for.
For prospective students who would also like to learn the layout of the borough of Kutztown, there is an interactive map featuring restaurants and local businesses.
The app is being used mostly as a tool to get prospective students to apply to KU.
Jennifer Umberger, the Director of Marketing at KU, said that there are a couple of different ways they will be getting the app out to prospective students.
“We’ll have post cards with QR codes that are being put on our tables at college fairs,” Umberger said in a phone interview Tuesday night.
The post cards will also be distributed to visitors on campus who will also be able to have access to the QR code.
According to Umberger, the QR code will lead directly to the store where users can download the app for free.
The new KU app can be found on both iTunes and Google Play.

By Dan Clark

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  1. what a useless app! nothing in it for KU students, just a marketing brochure. meh…

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