By Fern Theobaldo

Kutztown University announced its new Adobe license agreement which allows students to use the software on their personal devices. 

Adobe Creative Cloud
Photo by Cottonbro Studio

Through the new agreement, all students will get access to Adobe Express, which includes Adobe Stock royalty-free photos, videos & music, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and 100GB of storage.

To get the full Adobe Creative Cloud, students must be enrolled in academic programs requiring software usage. These students who desire to get access should email the IT Help Center with their full name, student ID, and the course they are enrolled in that utilizes Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Art students are happy about the new license agreement, “Having the software under the university means I don’t have to scrape together funds I could be using for food or necessities.” Said Madeia Cliett, a Communication Design senior at KU.

Cliett also says that having access to the software on her personal device makes it easier to get her work done, “It increases the likelihood of me completing my work on time since I’m able to work in my dorm at any time of day/night.” 

Kirsten Shaw, a Communication Design senior, also mentions that living off campus makes it harder to go to the computer labs to get her coursework done, “After junior year ended, I decided to get a subscription to Adobe due to moving off campus, thus making the library no longer sustainable for me.”

Students believe they will save time due to the new agreement, “I have been able to create more work in less time compared to before, with better results overall,” said Shaw.

The students were tired of having to go to the computer labs just to do an assignment. 

“I would go to the library or the art building nearly every day during the week,and occasionally weekends, to gain access to Adobe products to do my coursework,” said Shaw.

This license is available for a period of time, and students can request access for the following semester at the end of each semester. 

The software will continue to be available to all enrolled students in computer labs and classrooms.


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