By Sarah Kearney

Graphic By Kate North

This Sunday marks the biggest football game of the year. The Eagles are going up against the Chiefs, and there are many predictions going around about what the outcome will be. To get a clear idea of what some people think, I ran a survey on predictions for the winner and asked a few of those people what the scores would come out to. 

After interviewing a few people, I found that their predictions were all different.

Chris F. predicted the Eagles will win 37-34. Drew H. said, “the birds will come out on top with a score of 31-21.” Phil J. thought it would be a close game with a final score of 28-17 for the Eagles, and Briana C. stated, “I think it will be a high-scoring game because the Chiefs have a bad defense and the Eagles have a good offense. I think the score will be 37-34 Eagles.” McKelli S. thought it would be a close game, but the Chiefs will win by one in the end.  The overall favor is with the Eagles to win the big game, and it shows in the survey. Out of 157 people, 133–or 84.7%–said the Eagles will win, and 24–or 15.3%–said the Chiefs will win. Down below is a pie chart with the survey results. 

Pie chart of survey results
By Sarah Kearney

With all this in mind, my prediction will be the Eagles winning this Sunday against the Chiefs, with a final score of 38-34. The Eagles have a strong offense and defense that the Chiefs will have a hard time beating, along with Hurts having an MVP caliber season until his shoulder injury, which is now healed enough to play. 


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