By Erin Foley
Contributing Writer

The rock wall in the recreation center at KU is a great way to get exercise and pass the time. On Feb. 19, the rock wall was given fresh maintenance and the routes were changed to give a new experience for climbers. This is the first time the wall has changed since before COVID-19, and the employees are excited to guide climbers through the new routes. 

Description: Kutztown Rock wall
Credit: Molly Shiery

“I recommend climbing to anyone here,” stated belay employee Brooke Bartlow. “You can choose easy or hard walls for yourself depending on the experience you want.” The traffic at the rock wall is never too crowded, and the belays urge new climbers not to fear the experience. 

Jacob Williams, a belay who has been employed at KU for several years, said, “If you love full body workouts, flexibility and endurance training, rock climbing is an amazing exercise to keep yourself in a whole new world of shape.”

A student does not need to bring any supplies and needs no training in order to climb at the wall. Go and check out the rock wall with a friend next time you crave some exercise. Their hours vary day to day and can be found at this link.


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