By: Spencer Ford
Recruitment and Retention Manager

Throughout our campus community, there are dozens of student artists, musicians, and writers who use their skills both inside and outside the classroom. One of those students is Vincent Sordini. 

Sordini is a sophomore at Kutztown University who is studying Music Business. As well as being a full time student, Sordini also writes, produces and creates his own music and then uploads it onto various streaming platforms for the world to listen.

Sordini admitted that at first his relationship with music wasn’t as strong as it is now. His father was more into heavy metal, and it wasn’t until he reached 7th grade that his love for music really expanded. Artists like Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, and Childish Gambino helped Sordini find the sound and genre that he was looking for.

From there, he started to create his own music. Sordini and his friends would write songs, make beats, and freestyle together mostly for fun, but once Sordini started, he realized his talent and passion for it and started to do it more seriously. 

When asked about his favorite part of making music, Sordini said, “Music takes me to a different place. It’s like therapy for me. I’ll make the beats and write to it, and it’ll make me feel something. It relaxes me.”

Sordini said his music can best be described as chill, honest and friendly. To listen to his music and learn more about him, visit

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