By Kaitlyn Resline, Contributing Writer &
Nichole Schleihauf, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sex was not a taboo subject on Feb. 9 at Sexpert Bingo. Organized by the Kutztown University Activities Board, Board-Certified Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Justine Shuey hosted Sexpert Bingo.

Sex Bingo!
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

Dr. Shuey created a safe space to discuss sex, and people were able to submit anonymous questions that she answered. 

The event focused on sex-positivity, with Dr. Shuey explaining the ways to have safer sex and acknowledging the risk of any sex act. The importance of practicing safer sex was reiterated by the safe sex prizes awarded to bingo winners.

Dr. Shuey covered many aspects of sex education, using the bingo cards as talking points. She discussed the anatomical terms for sex organs and more basic sex knowledge.

Her talk went beyond the basics as well. Dr. Shuey emphasized the importance of consent in all intimate acts as well as signs of a healthy relationship. 

In the wake of COVID-19, falling in love and pursuing these types of relationships has been drastically altered. Some things can’t be transferred digitally. Due to the fear of becoming sick or infecting others, long-distance has become a shorter and shorter distance. When one’s not usually out and about or traveling, they’re less likely to want to go out to meet somebody, even if it’s potential romantic interest.

One of the most popular dating apps, Bumble, had included a COVID-19 date preference option. Whether the user would feel more comfortable with virtual dates, wearing masks, social distancing or having a date inside or outside can be displayed on their profile.

The event’s slogan, “Consent is Sexy!”, highlighted the most important aspect of any relationship being pursued, which is to always get consent.

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