By Nichole Schleihauf
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Oct. 15, Ben Daniel, one of the four owners of Dancakes, visited KU for a demonstration of how he makes pancake art in addition to a Q&A for the crowd’s questions. 

First, he took a queue from the crowd on what pancake designs to make, and he took on pretty much everything. From Avatar characters to drums, Daniel crafted each design with ease,  except for one.

He claims to struggle most with cars, since the proportions are harder to get right. However, Daniel gladly completed a request for a car, saying he thinks he gets a little better every time.

In fact, he lets the audience know every piece of art he attempts is challenging in its own way. Every time he flips over his work he finds something wrong with it.

His journey with Dancakes started a little over six years ago. Daniel originally had been filling in as the drummer for Dancakes’s founder’s band, having no clue that the founder was also internet-famous for making pancakes. The original Dancakes asked if Daniel wanted to learn, and he nonchalantly agreed, not knowing where he’d be today.

This event was put together by the KU Activities Board. The board has a general meeting each Monday at 4:30. On Oct. 28, the KUAB will host The Kutztown Experience: From College to Success at 5:00 in MSU 183.

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