By Melissa Fatzinger
Contributing Writer

By Melissa Fatzinger, Contributing Writer

Always and forever is a very heavy term, but it fits YA goddess Lara Jean fairly well. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever” is the heart-swelling finale to the “To All the Boys” book trilogy and movie series picked up by Netflix.

In the film, Lara Jean and Peter move eagerly into their next stage of life together, the long-wait transition from high school seniors to college first-year students. The movie is upbeat, emotional and so carefree that it should come with its own box of tissues for the number of tears you’ll shed out of pure amusement and enjoyment.

When things start getting rocky for them, Lara Jean takes their relationship into question and wonders if things will be always and forever for them. No spoilers, of course, but it’s a very satisfactory ending for any watcher.

Compared to the novel, the movie leaves out a lot of juicy details and heart-felt moments as any book-to-movie feature does, but there are many good new ones too. Lara Jean and Peter find something extra special that represents them, and it is a necessary addition that was not present in the book, and I’m ecstatic it was added.

This movie is the perfect romantic comedy for the family, young adults and everyone else. I have never seen a more feel-good and exciting movie that wraps up a good storyline so well. Move over “Hunger Games” and “Divergent,” Lara Jean is here to take the stage. I would 100% recommend this movie.


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