By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

During these unprecedented times, students of the arts have lost showcases, concerts, and festivals. To combat these challenges, Student Government Board representative Vincenzo D’Ancona acknowledged how these students are feeling and shared how they can show off their work during COVID-19.

Last semester, D’Ancona released a survey for visual and performing arts students to express their feelings on the mostly online college experience. 

“They’re doing really well. A majority of the students spoke up on how teachers are making the best of the zooms and recording all of their lessons,” said D’Ancona.

Although students have adapted to the format of online learning, many can not release their work to the public like they could in previous years. D’Ancona has created an Instagram page where students can publicize and advertise their work to the student body. 

“We are accepting music, art and short films, as well as any other art forms,” D’Ancona said.
To submit your work, email it to After submission, VPA representatives will review and approve the content to be posted on @vpappreciation.


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