By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Sept. 29, America witnessed 2020’s first official presidential debate, deemed “the worst debate of all time,” by political pundits. Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to make a skit out of it. 

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump faced off against Jim Carrey as Joe Biden in the debate parody, which also featured Beck Bennett as Chris Wallace, the debate moderator. 

Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

Baldwin imitated Trump’s voice and some of his popular phrases, stating how everyone is “mean to him” and “the China virus is a hoax.” Presumably, SNL included this to highlight the irony of his previous statements given that Trump now has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Carrey impersonated Biden by not completing his sentences and deep breathing into a brown paper bag. His impersonation included the part of the debate where Biden tells Trump to “shut up,” with SNL putting their own comedic twist on it. 

Bennett acted as Wallace, annoyed and frustrated at the immaturity of the debate. 

Eventually, Maya Rudolph came out dressed as Kamala Harris, which didn’t actually happen during the real Presidential debate. Rudolph played off the term “WAP,” based on the new and popular song, stating that the United States needs a “woman as president.”

While it was a comedic parody, SNL’s skit did cover the key points of the debate. It was a mess, with constant interruptions and personal rants. Both presidential candidates were well portrayed by these talented actors. 

Watch the skit here.


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