Association for Women in Math, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance host Beyond Pink-Collar Jobs event

By Bonnie Charles
Sports Editor 

The Association for Women in Math (AWM) and the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), with help from the Women’s Center, Women in STEM Club, Women Achieving the Vision of Excellence, PSECU, Mathematics Department and the WGS minor, will host the Beyond Pink-Collar Jobs event on Tuesday, March 3. 

A panel of professional women will talk about their career fields beyond the “pink-collar” or “women’s work” job title and how to navigate a career as a woman. These women include Kerri Gardi, Kathi L. Kuzo, Erin Boris, Lyn McQuaid, Dr. Kaoutar El Mounuadi, Donna DeMarco, Kristina Fennelly, Maureen Bryson, Valerie Deneen and Margaret Rishel. 

Gardi is the director of the career development center at KU. She develops, manages and evaluates services and programs for students, families, employers, staff and faculty. 

Kuzo is a certified financial planner with Lincoln Investment. She believes that education is one of the most important tools in financial planning and has conducted many seminars for educators, organizations and associations.

Boris worked as a cyber system operator, cyber intelligence operator and cyber warfare operator for the United States Air Force Reserve. Today, she works as a cyber analyst at St. Luke’s Health Network. 

McQuaid earned a B.S. in Mathematics from KU. She created the course Women in Mathematics as a faculty member at KU. McQuaid has published several articles and has given several national presentations about this course. She is on the advisory board for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor and is the co-faculty advisor for the KU chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics. 

Dr. Kaoutar El Mounadi is an assistant biology department professor at KU. Originally from Morocco, she came to Southern Illinois University to complete her Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences. 

DeMarco has a bachelor’s and a master’s in Computer Science. She is the co-founder and vice president of Viddler, Inc., which services more than 2,000 clients. DeMarco has taught and mentored over 2,500 engineers, developers and managers. She is the founder of Lighthouse Solutions, Inc., which provides management and software engineering consulting to IT companies and biotech firms. 

Dr. Fennelly earned her Ph.D. in English from Lehigh University. She is the co-chair for the annual Kutztown University Composition Conference and the English Department Honors and Awards, and member of the English Curricular Advisory Group and the English Department Recruitment Committee. Dr. Fennelly focuses on issues related to social justice and women and gender studies. 

Bryson earned a bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision, and commerce and engineering. She has worked as a senior industrial engineer, industrial engineer, material handling supervisor, engineering manager, process engineer and engineer. Bryson is chairperson of the Lansdale Civil Service Commission. 

Deneen was a software engineer. She specialized in developing web-enabled project management software. Deneen founded the 

Rishel earned a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Lehigh University. She is a senior communications specialist for Air Products. Rishel designs and manages the user interface and business processes behind these technologies along with overseeing all technical upgrades. 

The event will take place on Tuesday March 3 from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in MSU 183. 


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