Spuds closed due to plumbing damage

By Donovan Levine
Freeform editor

If you’ve found yourself walking down Main St. in Kutztown at any point between last August and today, chances are you might’ve passed by Spuds, a burger-and-fries type of restaurant, and noticed a sign on the window that says:

“Due to a severe plumbing issue causing water damage, we are closed until further notice.”

A similar message also appears on their website upon logging in, as well as several posts from their Facebook back in August of 2019, stating they would be closed until further notice due to “massive water damage in the dining area”.


Spuds – Photo courtesy of Donovan Levine

Reportedly, around Aug. 27, 2019, the upstairs complex above the popular Kutztown restaurant had flooding damage in their bathroom unit, which leaked below into the kitchen machinery and sanitary supplies of the restaurant. The leak resulted in damage to their grill and kitchen, and the safety and health hazards caused Spuds to shut down until further notice.

In their Facebook page’s most recent post on Jan. 2, 2020, Spuds announced they would be closing for good, making it the end of the business’s decade-long run in Kutztown without a guarantee for relocation. According to the post, the owners weighed the choice between supporting their family or holding on to the business that became a highlight for the town and KU. “Over the last decade, our business has grown and changed as has our family.”

“At this point in our lives, it is more important to continue to serve quality and delicious food to our customers that fits perfectly into our family life, rather than the everyday operations of owning and working daily in a restaurant.”

Spuds’ food would still be available at food festivals happening throughout the season, including Savidge Farm in Mertztown and the Chili Pepper festival at Bowers, or any sort of wedding or festival where they can serve as a catering service.

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