By Anthony Confino
Contributing Writer

Halloween is one of the most anticipated times of the year for people of all ages, with its haunting aura and the chance to dress up in a costume of your choice. From trick-or-treating to parties to visiting haunted houses, there are several traditions that will get anyone into the Halloween spirit.

Horror movies are a must. Mischief and wonder are in the air during October, so who doesn’t like to enjoy a good scare to help prep for the holiday of horror?

Horror stories are a staple of Halloween and taking the time to watch some spooky movies and read some frightening novels late at night will help get you into the mindset to celebrate the disturbing and morbid vibes of the season. It will also make you feel like someone is with you when you’re alone or in a dark place.

Carving the ever-iconic jack o’lantern. When trying to find those Halloween vibes, you know you can find them in a pumpkin patch. Taking the time to waltz through and see hundreds of pumpkins is a nostalgic experience, reminding you of being a child and picking out which pumpkin you were going to carve.

Speaking of which, carving up a jack o’lantern is the Halloween symbol of everything spooky and fun. Take the time to be creative and carve yourself a jack o’lantern that will take away any on-lookers breath. If you’re looking for a specific place to find a pumpkin, you can visit Grim’s Orchard in Breinigsville, Emmaus, Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading or Easton for pumpkin picking, corn mazes and hayrides. If those are too far away, there’s always Renninger’s.

Fall photography is essential. The weather is getting breezy and the leaves are changing colors and getting crunchy. A stroll outside to take some photos can be the chance to appreciate the changing of seasons in which fall gains its wonderful characteristics. But where to go?

During the months of October and November, it can be nice to walk down the street and observe everyone’s Halloween decorations. It’s effortless and fascinating to take a walk through a local park or trail, like the Saucony Creek trail or Kutztown Park, and see what photos you can curate to really take in the changing season and appreciate the world around us.

Be authentic when dressing up. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your costume. This is the exact time of year for people to see how creative and unique you are. Whether it be for parties, work, to match a group or significant other, trying to decide who or what to be for Halloween will definitely get the creative juices flowing and build anticipation for the upcoming holiday. Whether you buy a costume or make it from scratch, have fun with it. 

Haunted attractions are aplenty. Halloween might as well be synonymous with the opening of haunted attractions. This is the only time of the year where you can find jump scares in abundance with haunted houses and hayrides. Haunted attractions feature two of the aspects that make Halloween what it is: people in costumes and cheap thrills. A night out with friends, being scared by actors, can make for an entertaining night that gets anyone into the night for Halloween.

The closest attractions to Kutztown are the Savidge Farms Autumn Adventure in Mertztown and Shocktoberfest in Allentown, which is in its 28th year.


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