By Donovan Levine
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Donut Lover’s Boom, a new donut and coffee shop on Main Street in Kutztown, replaced The Frying Dutchman, which closed last semester.

The shop also become one of several shops to replace a previous spot on Main Street during this past summer alone: Cielito Lindo [Pretty Little Sky] replacing Decker’s Deli and Luigi’s Pizzeria replacing Ray’s Pizza.

The donut shop opened on Kutztown’s Move-In Day, Aug. 24 of this year, just as new students were coming in and getting acquainted with KU.

Donut Lover’s Boom – Photo by Donovan Levine

Talking with employee Lidia Leiva, who helps run the shop with Diana Velasquez and works the morning nearly every day, she was excited with the idea of getting more coverage for the donut shop, saying, “Not that many people knew about us when we opened.”

Even despite this, the shop has been making business and frequenting regulars within only two weeks. “Even during the [Labor Day] weekend, we weren’t expecting too many people, but sure enough they stopped by,” Lidia said. But the challenge is still there for finding customers and regulars early on. “We are still hoping more people know about us.”

While the donuts and atmosphere hasn’t drastically changed from The Frying Dutchman, contrary to them, Donut Lover’s offers delivery, smoothie and coffee combos and cheaper prices. 

Donut Lover’s Boom – Photo by Donovan Levine

They also promote themselves over Facebook and Instagram to feature new donut flavors they are experimenting with, such as Dulce de Leche, Death by Chocolate, Evita Love or the Piña Colada.

Tony Confino, KU student, said, “These are easily some of the best donuts I’ve ever had.”


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