KU GetMORE Program helps multicultural students connect

By Adele Mosley
Staff Writer

For a third year, the KU GetMORE (Multicultural Overnight Recruit Experience) program is offering an opportunity for multicultural students, who have been accepted to Kutztown University, to experience a day and night on campus. Features include an overnight stay in a residence hall with a current student or host, going to a campus event, visiting one of the dining facilities and experiencing a class taught by a KU professor.

The planning committee includes the Office of Admissions, Inclusion and Outreach, Financial Aid Services and Residence Life. These offices provide the planning and understanding of the program and the right tools needed for the program. It is up to the host to make sure the admitted students feel welcomed and appreciated in joining KU.

According to Jerry Schearer in the Office of Inclusion and Outreach, “We are excited that our GetMORE program does yield a high number of KU students, and they are enthusiastic about coming to KU. We even have some past GetMORE program participants that now volunteer as hosts for new GetMORE students. I think it’s a great way to make connections and friends on campus, which helps the students feel more part of the Golden Bear family before even starting as a student.”

A current student, Rosa Camilo, is a part of the program. She got in contact with the program at and signed up through the KU Admissions website under “GetMORE Registration.”

I asked Camilo her reasons for joining the program and how it would impact her. Camilo stated, “I chose to volunteer for the GetMORE program because it’s a great experience to have with incoming freshman. The impact that I believe it would have on me is the feeling of guiding the youth into the right direction and on helping them with their experiences of making the right decision of what college to attend.”

Some students who are admitted may or may not like the campus life. A current student, Joshua Smith, said, “I liked the school. My friend Kevyn influenced me to come here.” The program isn’t just about how they experience KU, but how the host contributes to the experience. Smith’s friend, Kevyn, made him feel welcomed and appreciated. Kevyn knew Smith would like the school as a whole and encouraged him to try GetMORE.

Admitted students participate in the program to experience what the campus is like. They want to know how it feels to have independence. Some young adults have experienced this, but not on a college level.


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