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Eckhaus Gallery hosts Nick Fagan

By Rachel Miller
Staff Writer

On Feb. 7, Eckhaus Gallery hosted an opening reception for artist Nick Fagan. Fagan, who attended Ohio State University, brings his “Existential Marks” show to Kutztown. The exhibit contains unique sculptural works in a variety of colors and shapes, but it’s Fagan’s purpose for his creations that makes them remarkable.

“I strive to render visible the aleatory (random) and fractious nature of interpersonal conversation,” he said. “I am committed to confronting head-on those subjects which may seem taboo, such as mental health and illness, disability and the razor-thin, often ambiguous line between life’s comedic and tragic moments.”

Photo courtesy of Rachel Miller

Fagan’s works featured in the exhibit are bursting with dramatic color and texture, and no piece is too similar to the others. To create his pieces, he used old theatre floorboards to craft the shapes. He then added bold imagery and paint. Torn photographs, fragments of paper and three-dimensional elements offer character to the pieces.

Each piece is shaped in an unusual manner and all seem to form the silhouette of an object or character—a common theme among his works in the exhibition.

According to a quote posted to Eckhaus Gallery’s Instagram, Fagan says his work “centers upon the delicate and explosive nexus between the private, the public and the personal.”

One sculptural piece, “A Self Portrait of Recovery,” is composed in the shape of the “Rx” prescription symbol, formed with wood floorboard pieces partially covered in imagery.

Ripped stickers and photos add a touch of bright color, as well as a touch of personality.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 8.43.16 PM

This is just one piece that stands out among the rest of Fagan’s works, but the exhibit is one that’s certainly worth viewing. The Eckhaus Gallery will be hosting Fagan’s “Existential Marks” now through February 28. For more information regarding the gallery and its hours, visit the Eckhaus Gallery social media pages.


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