Opinion: KU should use its greatest asset

By Conway Lynch
Staff Writer

KU should put students to work on professional projects like advertisements, web development and social media platforms. Kutztown University, like any university, is a business, and great businesses need great employees. KU has an army of potential employees who are ready to work, but the university isn’t tapping into them.

The university is constantly updating their social media platforms, generating new content on their websites and trying their best to create more outreach to potential students. So, why isn’t KU putting their current students to work on this front?

I believe that the university should start using their greatest asset now. It would be a beneficial strategy for all parties involved. Let’s begin with advertisements.

KU has billboards and spot ads across Pennsylvania in an effort to entice potential students. So, why not hire current marketing and communications majors to help develop those advertising assets?

There is no one who knows the school better than the students, no one closer to the cutting edge of modern advertisements than the youth and–to be honest–no one who would accept a lower paycheck. Allowing marketing majors to help create advertisements would lead to more engagement across majors, build experience among the student body and create a wholesome stamp stating a product is student-made; KU can put that on any marketing material.

Not only should marketing majors be involved but cinema, television, and media majors should be, as well. A professor in that program, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me that some of the ads he’s on the approval board for have made him want to claw his eyes out. Our students could surely do better than that.

Another aspect that I believe students should be a part of is web development. Let’s be honest: MyKU is a mess, and I think the new update only made matters worse. Why aren’t we putting our computer science majors to work? Does the university not believe in their own students? I think—no, I know—that technology majors at KU could help create student-friendly sites that are substantially better than those we currently have.

KU should trust in the intelligence and competence of their current students, and past students agree.

I contacted Jacob Tevis, a former computer science major who focused on IT, and he said, “MyKU could certainly use some revamping, and I think that the IT students would be the perfect people for the job! They could focus on the user-friendly aspect of the site, and being the users, they would have the most insight. Also, I think it could make for a great club that would really help build resumes.”

Third and finally, I strongly believe that the current students should be manning the social media for KU. KU’s social media presence is abysmal at best. Their Twitter boasts a following of 12K, yet they typically get around 3 to 20 likes per tweet. That’s just not good. I don’t know why the university isn’t using its in-house experts: the social media theory and strategy majors. These students not only have the know-how of any young millennial, but they have expertise thanks to the universities premier program. This just seems like a no brainer to me.

Why KU isn’t using their greatest asset is a fantastic question, but maybe they will start to see the potential that they themselves have created.


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