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“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” an interactive experience

By Heather Gursky
Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Dec. 28, Netflix released the platform’s first interactive movie for adults as a stand-alone film for the anthology series “Black Mirror.”

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” has brought a new component to the cinematic world. At given points throughout the movie, viewers must choose from two or more options in controlling the main character and overall storyline.

Like all nineteen episodes that have aired within the eight years of the show’s production, “Bandersnatch” continues to challenge its viewers to think outside of ordinary life.

The story follows a young programmer, Stefan Butler, who is working on a new video game called Bandersnatch. After meeting with the executives of a video gaming company, Tuckersoft, Stefan is given consent to take his idea and turn it into reality. The game’s main influence is centered around a “choose your own adventure” styled novel of the same title.

Throughout the movie, at prompted times, viewers are in control of the decisions and actions that Stefan makes. This ranges from choosing between sugar puffs and frosties for his breakfast to deciding between him throwing tea on his computer or destroying it. Each choice made can change the whole storyline drastically.

Playing with the concepts of time and reality, the events of the movie, along with their alternative plot sequences, have left viewers guessing the events that would lead into the ending. Fortunately for this “choose your own adventure” interactive film, there are five possible endings that viewers will have a possibility of seeing as they complete their experience. With each end, there is a certain realization or conclusion that ties up the story entirely.


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