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Bean and Brand from ‘Wild N’ Out’ Returns to KU

By Heather Gursky
Assistant A&E Editor

Kicking off the homecoming weekend, MTV’s Chico Bean and Darren Brand from “Wild N’ Out” delivered a hilarious comedy performance. The comedic event took place in Schaeffer Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11.

The first to go on stage was Chico Bean, who returned for  the second year. During his time on stage, Bean had the whole room laughing as he retold drunken experiences and shared stories about marijuana, capturing the students’ attention with his somewhat crude humor.

Bean also interacted with the students in the audience. He’d pick a person and ask questions before making jokes of the response or of the person themselves. At one point, he even stopped to point out the diversity in the audience; he praised the importance of it, especially on a college campus.

Darren Brand (left) and Chico Bean (right) of Wild N’ Out – Photo courtesy of Heather Gursky, The Keystone

This was Brand’s first debut on campus. His humor was similar to Bean’s, being somewhat crude but relatable to college students. At the same time, Brand was able to joke about race and diversity without overstepping boundaries. Such humor sent the crowd into hysterics.

Bean joined Brand for a Q&A afterward. To start, they were asked about how they came to where they are now. Brand told the story of how he and Bean had driven 10 hours for a 15-minute audition for “Wild N’ Out.” After making it on the show, things hadn’t been easy.

“It has been an up and down roller coaster,” Brand stated, talking about paying for his own hotel rooms and having to audition even after being on the show for two seasons. His inspirational advice to the students was, “If you have a passion that you think about every day, do it now.”

Bean followed Brand by giving advice to the students as well. When talking to a student studying business at KU, Bean advised him to utilize the businesses on campus as resources to learn more about his field, something that other students can interpret and shape to fit their future goals.

During the Q&A, Brand also mentioned some secrets of the MTV show itself, how it is pre-written due to censorship issues and that certain celebrities are afraid to be on the show because “everybody is worried about their reputation.”

A student asked who the guys would like to appear on “Wild N’ Out.” Brand immediately replied, “Drake,” while Bean said, “Obama would be my first, second I would say Beyoncé because I think she has a big personality, and third I would probably pick Eminem.”

Closing the event, students were able to get a picture with Chico Bean and Darren Brand. Overall, it turned out to be another successful “Wild N’ Out” night here at KU, and a perfect way to kick off the homecoming weekend.


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