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Book Review: “The Solution to Unrequited” (book two)

By Nickey Siegerman
Staff Writer

Almost five months ago, I wrote an article talking about why I believed the book “The Theory of Unrequited” was amazing, and I urged my readers to take a chance on Evan and AJ. Then, on July 11, Len Webster released book two of this four-book series.

Hinting heavily in the first book about where their friendship went wrong, Webster finally told her readers the truth of what happened on that fateful night—what happened to AJ that made her leave Evan behind in Stanford while she went to Duke.

Evan, now knowing where his best friend has been the last two months, begs AJ to come home for fall break with him.

He says they’ll drive together, and at first, AJ doesn’t want to. After some coaxing, a night of Evan sleeping over in the dorm and AJ’s large heart and inability to stop caring about Evan, she agrees. “Solution” was told the same way that “Theory” was.

Each chapter we go back and forth between the past, AJ and Evan’s senior year of high school and the present, their freshman year in college.

In the past, we watched Evan and AJ finish their senior year after they share a kiss at midnight, ringing in the New Year. The most memorable moment was Evan speaking to members of AJ’s family, her mother the most, and all of them telling Evan not to hurt AJ and to always watch out for her.

This is why, when he learns of how he hurt AJ, he does everything he can to save their relationship. It’s why he protects AJ when bad press comes to her name because of one journalist. It’s why he always knows where to find her.  It’s why he asks her to prom. It’s how he breaks her heart.

What I love so much about this novel is that Webster doesn’t force us to love or hate any character. It can and will be subjective. We don’t have to love a character because of something they say, but we may.

Not everyone online sees eye-to-eye on certain situations. Some people hate Evan for the hurt he’s caused AJ, but there are fans that love him and want nothing more than for him to be with AJ so they can both be in love.

The best part of the novel is the ending, which I won’t spoil. This could truly be the end of AJ and Evan’s story by the time “The End” rolls around. But it’s not. With two novels down and two to go, Webster could have anything happen with our heroes. That’s what her readers fear most.

All we know is we’ve made it back to Massachusetts, and a lot of questions still don’t have answers. Also, no longer will AJ and Evan’s past be relayed with interwoven chapters.

With not even an idea of where this series is going, fans are already eagerly awaiting the end of 2018 for book three. That wait may destroy our hearts equally as much as the next book might.



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