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“Avengers: Infinity War” is already out-selling previous Marvel films

By Heather Gursky
Assistant A&E Editor

Anticipation has been building up to see Marvel’s newest movie, “Avengers: Infinity War” that came out on April 27. Within the movie, all 31 superheroes and their known supporting character(s) are included within the big fight as the Avengers team up with Wakanda and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Earth again is in danger, so it is time to assemble and get ready to take on Thanos, and what may possibly be the end of the world.

Also known as “Avengers 3,” this movie is the nineteenth to be produced and moving past phase three of their “ultimate plan.” It was not until the fifth movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger,” that an infinity stone was introduced; it was shown within the Tesseract (space stone). It then makes its second appearance in the first “Avengers” movie when Thor’s brother Loki gets his hands on it.
On the side of superhero fights and the world almost ending, the six infinity stones have also been key players in the universe. The space stone (Tesseract), reality stone (Aether), power stone (Orb), and mind stone have each made their appearances in the Marvel cinematic universe so far, leaving fans awaiting the for the soul and time stones to make their debut.

Throughout the ten years of the cinematic productions, Thanos has also made his own on-screen appearances. His attempts to collect the stones previously, through Loki and Ronan, have failed him before. Now, Thanos’ plan is to descend upon Earth not only to search and collect the stones but to also wipe out the planet. This gauntlet – which is more or less a golden glove – holds all six stones together giving the wearer the “power of the gods.” One thought and all his enemies could be gone.

Get your tickets now before they are all gone. According to Business Insider, the pre-sale tickets have doubled what “Black Panther” had sold, and may top seven other movies in the Marvel cinematic universe, including “Doctor Strange” and “Thor: Ragnarok”.

The nearest theater where you can view the movie is The Strand Theatre, located just off of Main Street.






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