ACT presents: “Almost, Maine”

Nickey Siegerman
Contributing Writer

We all adore a good love story, one that will transport us to the world of the characters in front of us. We feel something through it, knowing that there will be some form of understanding and personal feelings that we can draw from any moment at all.

Actors Creating Theatre (ACT) is taking advantage of our heartstrings this April with their new production, “Almost, Maine.”  Working with a cast of eight and having only two months to prepare, director Corrine Calderbank and assistant director Meghan Artley have been tirelessly working at perfecting this popular show.

“‘Almost, Maine’” is a play about falling in and out of love in a fictional town called Almost, when the Northern Lights are visible. It’s compiled of nine short plays in two acts, which is something different [than anything] that ACT has done before,” said Calderbank.

What’s different about this show is that it is a series of nine short plays. The end of a scene is the end of a storyline and there are only two to three characters that actually appear in each one. The reoccurring actors play a new character each time, following nine different sets of people around the town in one night.

This provides a challenge for these actors, but each of them seems to be excelling at this task. It also helps that they’re all very close to one another and have all acted together in past shows, the most recent being “Legally Blonde.”

With eight different cast members, it’s also a wonder that there’s only one senior: Christopher Cooper. Cooper previously played UPS Man Kyle O’Boyle, in this year’s “Legally Blonde,” and is excited to do another play with ACT before graduating in May.

“I’m happy with the way I’m able to excite with my final performance, it evokes much emotion in myself and the people around me,” Cooper said, smiling. “It’s a beautiful show and perhaps the most touching I’ve done yet.”

It’s a bittersweet experience, since Cooper is currently one of the longest members of the club. When asked how it feels knowing this is the end of his long journey, he said, “Good, now more talented actors can come [in and] take my spot, [making] the club better. [It’s] all a part of the bigger picture.”

With heartfelt words in mind, it ties in perfectly to the show and the love everyone in ACT feels for not only one another but also the club and the hard work they put into each and every show. This show is a first time experience for everyone, including Calderbank, since this is the first show she’s directing for ACT.

When asked, Calderbank made clear, “My favorite part of directing has been working on a show that I genuinely love and makes me happy. It also helps that my assistant director is one of my closest friends.”

Go out and see “Almost, Maine” between April 12 and 14. Tickets are only $5 and you can find the show at 7 p.m. in the Little Theatre of Schaeffer. You won’t want to miss this show all about love.

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