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Honors club hosts murder Mystery Dinner

By Heather Gursky
Assistant A&E Editor

The Honors Club held their first Murder Mystery Dinner in the Georgian Room, located inside Old Main, on Thursday, March 4. The night was a success with over 50 attendees, raising $90 in donation for the Kutztown Food Pantry.

The night was set up in three rounds that consisted of eight different characters, along with a buffet dinner and a small dessert display. Mask making and a photo booth were also included. After each student chose a character to portray, round one began.

Each character received an envelope of different clues about themselves or other characters that they must share or conceal. During the first round, the clues were filled with background information such as “Sherlock Tracy has filed a lawsuit against Jackey T. Pressen.”

These clues became helpful as the game continued.

Round two was split into two parts: pre and post-murder. During the pre-murder, the clues got deeper into each character’s history.

At this time, the audience found out someone was stalking another guest and a feud would likely arise if things were not solved. Moving into post-murder, the audience found out Sherlock Tracy was dead. The clues in this portion describe the actions of the individuals up to 30 minutes after the death.

In the last round, there were many suspicions. Some characters could have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, or they may have fabricated a good story to cover the fact that they were the murderer. In the end, the criminal was not Sherlock’s ex-girlfriend Yuna or the man Pressen. It ended up being Bameril Lacrosse, Sherlock’s personal chef who had been serving him bad food.

After the conclusion of the three rounds, those who guessed the right killer received a small item from the KU campus store and a five-dollar gift card to Pop’s Malt Shoppe on Main Street. The raffle  wrapped up the night with two winners receiving more merchandise from the KU campus store.



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