Pop Sockets provide fun for idle hands

By Kira Franekic
Contributing Writer

The Pop Socket has become the new and trendy accessory for the back of a phone. KU students said the gadget, which is circular and sticks on with a suction cup, gives them a better grip and also makes watching videos easier.

David Barnett, the founder of the Pop Socket, said he was trying to keep his ear buds from tangling when he came up with the idea. After three years of designing it, he built up his company to a 100-plus person office in Boulder, Colorado.

“I’ve had two Pop Sockets so far and I love them,” said KU student Emily Skwirut, adding that she also enjoys holding it and spinning her phone around when she is bored. “It’s just something to do to pass the time, I think it’s pretty fun.”

While some KU students think the Pop Socket is a fun gadget, others don’t see the point. “It’s a stupid thing to waste money on and it can be hard to fit into your pocket,” said KU student Lauren Pera.

ACE branded Pop Socket on a student’s phone – Photo courtesy of Samantha Paine, The Keystone

There are many places to buy a Pop Socket, whether it be in-store or online. Stores selling them include Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Verizon and the original place,

Another KU Student, Giovanna Citro said she has seen them around on campus everywhere and would be interested in trying one out. The closest place to get one near campus is the Verizon store or ordering them online.

However, not everyone sees this accessory as something they need. “I’ve seen people with them, I’m not exactly sure what it is supposed to do but I don’t think I’ll have a use for it,” said KU alumnus Tina Dutill.


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