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Review: ‘Riverdale’ debuts on Oct. 11

By Gabrielle Smith
Assistant A&E Editor

On Oct. 11, the television series ‘Riverdale’ returned to The CW with its second season.

‘Riverdale’ is about a small town of teenage characters based off the Archie Comics, which began in 1942, but are placed in modern day.

A town that is supposed to be perceived as pleasant, reveals its dark secrets in this series and the young teenagers play a big part in trying to solve the mysteries that lurk around the town.

In this season, there is a mystery murderer who calls himself The Black Hood, who targets and kills people that he considers sinners in the town.

Almost two months into the season so far and his identity is still yet to be revealed, but he keeps torturing the town, specifically good girl Betty Cooper.

He sent her notes and phone calls telling her that he is doing all of this for her, since her speech she had given months ago was the inspiration for the killings.

Good guy and high school football star Archie Andrews, starts revolving his whole life around finding the Black Hood, since in the first season’s season finale when the Black Hood shot Archie’s father while robbing the local diner Pop’s.

Archie is out for revenge while his girlfriend Veronica Lodge’s father, a powerfully wealthy man who was recently released from prison, has his own mystery of trying to control the town with his money and his daughter’s life as she is ignorant to his ways.

Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper’s boyfriend, is the bad boy in the series who once considered a loner has joined Riverdale’s reject gang, the Southside Serpents.

He is getting involved in illegal activities for them, even though he knows it is bad. He cannot seem to get out of this hole that he has dug for himself.

The series is a good, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat show. Everybody has their own story to tell and each of their stories end up coming together at the end.

The more havoc that the Black Hood puts on the town, the crazier the episodes and lives of the characters get.