By Gabrielle Smith
Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Greek letters displayed on a pickup truck – Photo by Alli Landino, The Keystone


On Monday, August 28, the KU Greek Council hosted its annual “Welcome Back Bash” on the DMZ. The event gives KU students the opportunity to meet the fraternities, sororities and multicultural Greek organizations around campus and learn about what they are and have to offer.

The event was free to the public and featured a live DJ and two water slides. Surrounding these fun activities were the 17 Greek’s with their giant, symbolic Greek lettering signs and many members.

Greek Life is best described as a group of organizations that help out the community by contributing to certain philanthropies while making lifelong friends and experiences with each other.

“[We’re] a group of uncommon men with a common bond,” said Eli Kirschen, senior and member of fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. “We come from all walks of life and this is kind of a platform for us to get together, get to know each other and create friendships that last a lifetime.”

Photo by Alli Landino, The Keystone

While most fraternities and sororities connect with each other socially, they each participate in their own charities. Breast cancer awareness, education awareness and feeding America are just a few philanthropies that are participated in. These philanthropies include the members of Greek Life participating in a range of activities from hosting the Miss Kutztown Pageant to newly volunteering at an Alpaca Farm.

Greek Life also makes sure their members keep up with their academic work. For most, a certain GPA is required to maintain for the experience. “We had a lot of graduating seniors, which means we get to take in more new members- which is 20,” said Sam Geige, a junior, on recruitment with her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha.



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