Opinion: Trump’s reaction to controversial protests

By Kelly Cazzetto
Staff Writer

The real problem with Trump is rooted in his discourse. Americans have accused him of misogyny, racism and bigotry. Whether or not truth lies in those titles may never be known for sure. The way he chooses to speak about certain matters is what has people questioning his character.

He does not outwardly act racist; however, he does not seem to notice the impact of his words, or lack thereof. His response to the neo-Nazi rally in Virginia exemplifies this issue greatly. He condemned violence on all sides, which certainly does not sound controversial. The problem was not what he said, rather how he said it as well as what he omitted.

Violence was not the only issue out of Virginia. In fact, the sole reason for its outbreak was hate. Neo-Nazis rallied for white supremacy, but Trump gave them no recognition. While violence cannot be justified, the party responsible for inspiring it needed to be specifically called out.

By ignoring it, Trump made it seem as if the KKK and counter-protesters had the same aim. Trump insisted that we as a country must unite with complete disregard to that portion of Americans came together because they are under the illogical impression that one kind of person can be superior to another. While these people only represent a small number of Americans, they do exist.

Violence is not the answer, but neither is dismissing what is bringing it about. Trump may not be a racist, but in allowing racism to ensue by not speaking against it, he is perpetuating a problem in desperate need of a resolution. This is not about having to being politically correct, but really it is about being mindful of what the problem actually is and addressing it. After all, the first step to fixing a problem is admitting it exists.