What it means to support the ability to individually choose

By Kelly Cazzetto

Contributing Writer

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The meaning of pro-choice is in dire need of clarification. This is because the title of what is opposite of it, pro-life, makes it seem as if those who are pro-choice are not in favor of life. However, that is simply not the case.

Whether or not one should have the right to get an abortion is a touchy subject for many. This aversion is often due to beliefs against it and a lot of the time those beliefs are religious. However, abortion is available as an option, which is how the title for those advocating for it came to be “pro-choice.”

Just because the option is available does not mean that one has to use it. It just means that it is available for those that do wish to exercise their right as instilled following the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade in 1973. Many believe that abortion constitutes murder when in actuality it is a medical decision regarding a woman’s body.

Until a fetus is able to live outside of the womb on its own, it is not a viable human being. Some religions will argue otherwise, but not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. Therefore, we have the separation of church from state.

It is unfair to expect someone who is not religious to abide by the beliefs of another. Those who are pro-choice advocate for both sides, whereas pro-life supporters are looking for everyone to follow the same belief system, which, quite frankly, will never be.

Making abortions illegal will not put a stop to them; it will only stop safe abortions. If pro-life supporters are really interested in the preservation of lives, then it does not make sense for them to make it more likely for two lives to be lost.

What should not be legal is late-term abortions and a certain number of abortions per person as it is a right that should not be abused. When asked about her opinion in regards to the matter, one KU student said, “Being pro-choice means that you respect other people’s choices and decisions regarding their own bodies.”

Another student agreed then added her own take on being pro-choice. She said that being pro-choice is, “Doing what is best for you physically and emotionally, and not allowing the government or anyone else to dictate how you deal with your body.”

Individuals who are pro-choice are advocating for the power to choose. They are supportive of differing opinions. Really what being pro-choice is about is respecting others ability to make decisions for themselves, especially when those decisions do not involve the opposing party.


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