How to create a resumé

Attention to detail is critical

By Jillian Baker

According to, these are the appropriate steps to create a résumé:

Decide what type to use

There are three types of resumés: chronological, functional and a combination of the two. A chronological résumé, traditionally, lists the experiences in order. A functional résumé lists experience according to skill. The combination uses both chronological and functional to create a resumé that uses best aspects of the two styles.

Create header

The header includes a name, address, phone number and an email address. The name should be boldface so that it stands out, and it’s important to use a phone number that you will answer. Also, use a professional email address.

Create a Career Objective

Think about the type of job industry you’re interested in and tailor to the objective of that job or industry. The idea is to understand the company’s objective and get hired for that position.

List experience or skills

Start with the most recent or current job and list previous work experiences. List where you worked and when you were employed. Also, include specific accomplishments for each position or job. This is the section to show off your strengths, but first you must state the skill and explain it briefly.

List activities

Note membership or leadership positions in clubs or organizations of any kind, including athletic teams and community organizations. This shows more personal background information to the employer.

List education

List the schools that you have attended, starting with the most recent, including a GPA, class rank and other special awards that are worth mentioning. List the awards you have won and when they were received. This can include seminars that have been attended as well.

List awards you’ve won

State what the award is and when it was received it. If you haven’t received any awards, you can skip this section.

List personal interests

This section shows the employer that you are a well-rounded person. Mention hobbies or interests that can help you grow as a person. This section is optional.

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