PW minor skyrockets

The importance of proficient writing

By Laura Quain

At KU, the number of students in the professional writing minor has skyrocketed over the past few semesters. More students are recognizing the importance of proficient writing regardless of what field they aim to end up in.

According to Dr. Andrew Vogel, chair of the English department, the professional writing major is effective in fulfilling that general role in the workplace.

Vogel believes that the professional writing degree “arms students with an array of skills” so that as “well-rounded” writers, they can go out and find ways to apply those skills.

A professional writing minor compliments any major. When students show they are proficient in writing and can relay their ideas effectively, they will stand out more to a prospective employer.

“I think it’s probably the most versatile minor on campus,” said Vogel. “No matter what your major is, if you minor in writing, you will amplify your ability to achieve whatever goals you might have in your career because you’re able to communicate your ideas crispy, vividly, efficiently and simply by virtue of those abilities, you will be able to impact your audience.”

According to Vogel, in the exterior, proficient writers are useful in helping companies represent themselves to the world by writing press releases, doing public relations and creating client newsletters. In the interior, a professional writers create and convey ideas that are effective and digestible in the workplace.

Senior Taylor Parasconda is a communications studies major with a minor in professional writing. “Growing up, I always had a strong passion for creative writing and journalism. I picked up the minor in the hopes that it would help spark my interest for it again,” said Parasconda.

“I am even thinking about focusing my career path in journalism or magazine writing due to some of the great classes and professors that KU had to offer me.”

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