A student’s thoughts on religion

By Samantha Kilpatrick

For KU students, it may seem like religion is only expressed when the religious protesters crowd the front steps of the Academic Forum on campus. Even with them telling the students about God and the Bible, some students notice that many other religions are not being acknowledged.

Other than when the protesters preach about God and the Bible, the only time religion is brought up among students is in conversations.

Although KU does not have religion plastered all over campus, it’s not frowned upon when a student expresses their feelings toward religion. Students have the option of attending mass at Saint Christopher Catholic Newman Center but this doesn’t help the other religions that KU students practice.

The university does, however, have different clubs for certain types of religions that students may join. One of the well known clubs is the Kutztown Christian Fellowship.

After attending a Catholic school for 12 years, it was an odd transition from having to wear a uniform, taking a course in Theology and attending mandatory masses for church to not having to do any of this in college. It was particularly strange to me to enter a classroom and just start class, whereas before we would begin class by praying.

Now my classrooms are just like any plain room, unlike before where there would be a cross hanging above the chalkboard. Another one of the bigger changes that I have experienced here was sitting in a class that now includes male students, unlike in high school where there were only female students.

Since I’ve been at KU, I sometimes feel as if I’ve lost touch with my religion, but the school is not to blame for that. It’s my own fault. I have the option of keeping in touch with my religion and I could pray when I want to.

KU does not stop any student from preaching their faith but it also does not help promote religion. The campus is not responsible for keeping every student in touch with their religion. However, the campus can encourage students by offering clubs or courses related to their religion.

The students of KU have opened my eyes and mind to the information of their religion. It was very interesting to me to attend a school where there is religious diversity.

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