Kardashian-West’s robbery no joke

By Jillian Baker

Kim Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris just after midnight on Monday Oct. 3, 2016. Two men dressed as police officers robbed Kim K of her $4.5 million wedding ring and a jewelry box containing about $5.6 million worth of jewels.

When Twitter broke the news about the robbery, many followers had nasty comments to share implying that she deserved it. Many celebrities showed their support for Kim after the media reacted so poorly to her life-threatening incident, but Kim is being ridiculed for her wealth rather than supported for her terrifying attack.

“People making jokes about @KimKardashian tonight would do well to remember that she’s a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend. Be nice or shut up,” tweeted James Corden. Along with Corden, other celebrities used twitter as an outlet to share their love and support for Kim.

Julie S. Lalonde tweeted, “Telling Kim Kardashian that she deserved to get robbed because she’s rich is the same as telling women in skirts they deserve to be raped.”

capture.PNGAccording to The New York Times, Kim was tied up and gagged before she escaped yet the article depicts the situation as her fault. It starts by mentioning the scrambled eggs, white fish and champagne that was served at the Fashion Week reception that she attended. The lead fails to mention how her attackers were posed as police officers or how she had a gun pointed to her as she was tied up.

Everyone focused on how much her jewelry is worth that was taken rather than the horrific and traumatizing attack. She should not be shamed for the money that she has or the items that she owns.

Regardless of celebrity status, no one deserves to be attacked the way that she was. People on Twitter were bashing her for being robbed of about $10 million worth of jewels and it not affecting her bank account at all.

Husband Kanye West left his concert in N.Y. when he heard about the incident, leaving fans extremely unhappy. People see Kanye as self-centered and conceited, but no one can argue against the love he has for his wife and family.

Any decent human being would rush to be by their loved ones side after an attack like this.

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